Monthly Archives: August 2018

Today my partner Rolf turned a Kohlrabi, a Fennel bulb, a Leek and an Endive into a flavor full veggie feast, rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals and a tasty treat for our palate. All veggies were simply steamed to an “al dente” level, then a little sea salt and black pepper were freshly ground over it, and last he added a little organic olive oil and some drops of aged (18… Read More

Anybody out there, who has not heard of these “fatties”, which, as analyzed in many studies, seem to have a very beneficial impact on the health of our body. Find here the link to a quite informative slide show, which documents the latest revelations in context with these essential components of a healthy diet. Namaste, RoxAnn

The Saturday edition of the L.A. Times included this article, which I like to share. Namaste, RoxAnn

Check out this article and learn how much of an impact even a mild form of dehydration already has. One of my students was kind enough to share it with me and so I’m spreading the word as well. Namaste, RoxAnn P.S: Thanks, Tom!