Monthly Archives: February 2018

In the last Saturday’s issue of the L.A. times I found this interesting article by Kavita Daswani, who writes about the “life changing decision” of former defensive lineman of the Dallas Cowboys, David Carter, who after suffering from painful tendonitis and high blood pressure, became a vegan, eliminating meat, seafood and dairy from his diet. Check it out! Namaste, RoxAnn

Wishing you a relaxing, mind and body nourishing weekend. RoxAnn

Hope to see you all in my classes, when our Winter session resumes Monday, February 12! Namaste, RoxAnn

I love to start my day with a healthy breakfast, which my sweetheart prepares for me. Fresh harvested organic avocado and tangerine on a hearty slice of multi whole grain bread (Called Triangle and available at the Old World Village Bakery) garnished with Alfalfa sprouts is a wonderful energy boosting treat. Namaste and Happy Weekend, RoxAnn