Monthly Archives: January 2015

Please check out, what was brought to my attention and I’m sure you will approach and appreciate our regular breathing exercises and my explanation about Prāṇāyāma* in class even more!  Three days ago this article in the Wall Street Journal by Sumathi Reddy described, that now even Doctors start trying to use the most basic medicine ” Proper Breathing” to enhance their patients’ health and subsequently their quality of life. Share this information… Read More

A minimalist guide to a simplified, organized and happy life.  Declutter to destress. Work smart, not hard. Save money and save time. This book by Rachel Jonat discusses ‘Minimalism’ in home, work, money and life. This past week in class I read the following passage from this book. Part of the reason for picking this topic is because I have myself recently experienced this time in my life: legacy. “Your home should… Read More

Just like to share some pictures my husband Rolf took of some Asanas, which were part of my routine while we were traveling the North. There were plenty of occasions during 3,500 miles on the road and the many miles of walking through towns like Salt Lake City, Moscow (Idaho), Seattle or San Francisco. Looking forward to see you all back this week. Namaste, RoxAnn