Mountain Pose / Tadasana / Samasthiti

Mountain Pose / Tadasana / Samasthiti

Mountain Pose / Tadasana / Samasthiti

Mountain Pose / Tadasana / Samasthiti
Mountain Pose is a basic standing pose establishing a sense of poise for creating contemplation on being centered and grounded while slowing and modulating your breathing. Do not  be tempted to rush through the pose, instead take time to relax remain still and breathe evenly, receiving the full benefits of the pose.

Stand with feet hip width apart and second toes parallel to each other.
Feel the floor under your feet and spread your weight evenly across your feet, heels, lifting, spreading and firmly planting the toes.
Slowly rocking side to side and back and forth, finding your center.
Slowly straighten your legs and bring the knees directly over the ankles and hips directly over the knees, activation the thigh muscles and lifting the kneecaps without using the stomach muscles. Your legs and feet should feel grounded and stable.
Lengthen your spine while lifting the sternum, gently pulling the shoulder blades back, down the back without tension in the neck muscles.
Keeping the stomach in, chest forward, flare the collar bones making sure the shoulders are parallel to the pelvis, hands hanging gentle at your sides with the palms facing inward.
Keep the face soft, chin parallel to the floor, tongue relaxed against the roof of your mouth, teeth slightly ajar and lips closed. Breathing in and out through the nose.

Your lower body should feel stable and grounded and your upper body should feel light and relaxed, visualizing your head and torso rising away from your legs and feet.

Physical Benefits:
Aligns the spine, tones the abdominal muscles and buttocks, opens the chest, improves posture, stability, balance, strengthens the arches, ankles, knees and thighs.

Mental Benefits:
Improves focus, develops willpower, reduces mild anxiety.

Adaptations/Variations: Use a chair for balancing if necessary.

Contra Indications: None

Mountain Pose / Tadasana / Samasthiti - modified with chair

Mountain Pose / Tadasana / Samasthiti – modified with chair

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