yoga? yes you can! (for beginners)

Yoga Therapy A La Carte

offers you

YOGA !? Yes You Can

A workshop presented by
RoxAnn Madera (Yoga Therapist E-RYT-500 USA and YTRx-800c)

Wondering why and if you should attend? Are you getting younger in body and mind, why not! Do you want to Help Your Health? Have you been thinking that all yoga teachers try to turn their students into pretzels? Well, think again as this yoga therapist does not, I promise.

Have you thought maybe you are too tight, not flexible enough?  That’s the best reason to join this workshop, tight hamstrings I consider a national dis-ease.  Do you want to stretch them sitting, laying maybe in bed or standing, lots of choices which we will explore together. Another element is your breathing, do you breath short shallow or deep and long? Learning diaphragmatic breathing will support every aspect your life including your mood and all for the better.

No one can do yoga but you can live yoga.
Living Yoga is based upon the tenets of ‘simple living and high thinking”. The body is a vehicle for the soul, and has specific requirements which must be fulfilled for it to function smoothly and supply the optimum mileage, this we will explore during the workshop: The Five Principles of Yoga

Proper Exercise – This principle revolves around the idea that our physical body is meant to move.
Proper Breathing – helps you achieve a calmer and more focused mind, and increase your energy level.
Proper Relaxation – revitalize your nervous system and achieve inner peace, while bringing a more relaxed and refreshed feeling through the body.
Proper Diet – What you eat, not only affects our body but also our minds,  improper diet  result in mental inefficiency and block spiritual awareness.
Positive Thinking and Meditation – The way we think highly affects our way of life.

During the workshop we will not just talk about the Five Principles of Yoga but also practice how to apply relevant yoga therapy asanas and breathing techniques. In fact you will leave with a different knowledge and insight into these life-style enhancing principles. A hand-out with all relevant aspects covered in the workshop is included as well.

Together, we will slowly explore the foundations of the physical aspects of yoga. Movement, the exercise of asana, which can be adapted to suit everyone, independent of size, shape, age, ability. I believe you can do yoga, if you can breathe.


You can take notes and there will be time for Q&A.  You do not have to bring anything specific ( except a  blanket) and an open mind and a friendly attitude.
Thank you!

We promise you THREE HOURS of well spent time towards your goal to learn:
Yoga – YES I CAN!

Time, Location and Cost: T.B.A


The workshop is organized in cooperation with OMC Communication LLC D.B.A. HELP YOUR HEALTH,
7561 Center Ave #32, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 – Contact: Rolf Goellnitz – 714-421-0476  –


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Important Disclaimer:

“The yoga therapy components of my [instruction or practice] are based on the credentials earned as Graduate of Yoga Therapy RX at Loyola Marymount University and Yoga Therapy Clinical Practicum at Healing Yoga Institute, not derived from my status as an RYT ®with Yoga Alliance Registry.”

The news, suggestions, information, exercises and other offers or items on this website are intended for informational purposes only. Not all exercise is suitable for everyone. To reduce the risk of injury, please consult your Doctor before engaging in any physical and/or therapeutic exercise program. Nothing is intended to be a substitute for professional medical care.

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