”Happy Healthy Hands – How to Help or Avoid Arthritic Hands”

I always did believe that there are two parts of the body which are more neglected than others: the hands and the feet.I have researched over the years in many different avenues; concepts, studies and reports on what affects our hands. Although there are various contributing factors over the years which may contribute to a form of arthritis (there are over 100) with Osteoarthritis being the primary form which attacks the hands. My own diagnosis of this very fact was over 20 years ago.

Do you have joint pain, achy, swelling, stiffness, and/or limited range of motion in your hands? In this workshop we will only work with the physical aspects:How movement can help and what movement to do. Since the body is so deeply connected we will also look at the relation of the hand/fingers to the wrist, forearm up to the shoulder.

You will receive a hand-out with photos and explanations of all the work we do during the 2-1/2 hours focusing on one subject as I believe it is an important issue. With this support you should be able to continue your exercises at home.

This workshop will be done while sitting in a chair, no prior yoga experience is necessary. You will not need a yoga mat or blanket.

Namaste, RoxAnn Madera

DATE: Saturday, Nov. 16
TIME: 1pm until 3:30pm
LOCATION: Help Your Health Yoga Studio
OLD WORLD VILLAGE, 7561 Center Avenue, Suite 32 HB, CA 92647

FEE: $55. (check made out to Help Your Health or cash will confirm your reservation)
Space is limited to 12 participants

Contact: (714) 421 0477 or ask@help-your-health.com

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