After her well received workshops last year Anh Chi Pham is coming back to my studio in April to offer two workshops.

Join her for ‘Roll with it’ on Sat, April 13, 1:00 to 4:00PM

or ‘Core Radiance’ on Tue, April 16, 1:00 to 4:00PM

or take them both. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Namaste, RoxAnn

Energy Booster

Health science recommends 3-4 veggie and fruit intakes a day and I’m happy to say, that I totally agree with that. It’s not an insurance to never get ill, but definitely a fabulous tool to support your immune system in case it happens and to recover faster. In the meantime it serves as a great option to boost your energy level. The photos visualize two options of infinite possibilities. One shows our juice press squeezing out organic Minneola Tangelos. We combine the juice with lemon juice and some ginger. A very potent combination, which you can mix with some hot water and a teaspoon of raw local honey and enjoy as a soothing drink.

The veggie combination for the soup are fennel (Anis), parsnip, leak, onion and potato. Cooked in a veggie broth, seasoned with salt, Turmeric, cayenne pepper, then blended with a hand blender and refined with 1/4 cup cream or creme fraiche and juice of an orange. Too much on the veggie side for you? Just add seared salmon or cod to it before serving.

Bon Appetit!

Namaste, RoxAnn

©Rolf Goellnitz_Juice_Press

©Rolf Goellnitz_Veggie_Soup

Lots of Love

Dear All,

Just a reminder that our yoga winter session starts Monday, Jan 7.

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday season and encourage you to follow your heart and live life with gratitude for all the small and big pleasures it provides.

Happy to see you again, I send you “Lots of Love”

Namaste, RoxAnn

Just go for it!

There are a still few spots left in some of my classes.

Discover the yogi in you!

Interested, then contact:


Namaste, RoxAnn

Fall Session Resumes

Dear All,

just a little reminder, that Fall yoga session resumes Monday at both locations. See You!



Please Show Compassion

Dear All,

find here and here helpful information about ways how to help the victims of the latest horrible tragedies caused by fires in Northern and Southern California. Please show compassion and help within your means and possibilities.

Thank you very much!



Help Your Health!

Dear All,

I like to share this article about a recent study on exercising with you.



… Looking forward to see you back in my classes, as of Monday, October 29.



Today we like to inspire you to think about a journey to a magnificent area in the south-western region of France:

Part of the Aquitaine region in south-west France, just one hour’s drive to the east of Bordeaux, Dordogne Périgord is one of the largest and most picturesque “départements” in France, while it is also one of the most prolific in terms of its numerous historic buildings.

Here you will discover unspoiled nature, grandiose landscapes, and a plethora of magical sights teeming with history. Notably, the prehistoric caves in the Vézère valley, which prove that man has been present in the Dordogne for the past 450,000 years.

In the Dordogne Valley you can visit castles from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which once played a part in the Hundred Years’ War, and the Wars of Religion that raged there. 45 castles in the Périgord are now open to the public to visit. Also great to visit are beautiful medieval villages, Romanesque churches adorned with sculpted tympanums, water mills in the landscapes of the Périgord Vert, and renowned “towns of art and history” such as Sarlat and Périgueux. Bergerac and Nontron are also popular Dordogne towns.

The Périgord is world renowned for its traditional gastronomy. High-quality products used to prepare local cuisine include foie gras, other duck and goose-based ingredients, the famous black truffles of the Périgord, chestnuts, walnuts (which have been awarded their own AOC label), Périgord strawberries, plus Bergerac and Monbazillac wines (External link) (13 of which are AOC) produced from top grape varieties that are neighbors to the “grands crus classés” of Bordeaux.

The four colours of the Périgord (Green, White, Black and Purple) are an invitation to discover the diversity of the region’s landscapes on a variety of holidays.

Whatever the time of year, choosing to visit and return to the Dordogne is not just a journey back in time in the footsteps of our ancestors, it is also an opportunity to meet the local population, known for their friendly welcome, and to enjoy a relaxing holiday with wonderful cuisine in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. (source:

Did this inspire you? If so, find here more about a trip we offer in June 2019 and if you like to join, please contact us at to learn about price and terms and conditions.

Thank you for your interest!



This morning a German friend of ours sent us a text, which is based on a poem by Mario de Andrade (1893 – 1945). Rolf translated it into English, as we love to share it with you. We wish you a wonderful weekend.

Namaste, RoxAnn

My soul is in a hurry

I have counted my years and realized that I have
less time to live than I have lived so far.
I have more past than future.

I feel like this child, that received a box of candies:
After fast indulging the first ones, all the sudden realizing, that there are not so many left, and
Those should be better appreciated and truly enjoyed.

I do not have time for endless gatherings where statutes, rules, processes,
And internal regularities are discussed, knowing, that nothing will be achieved.

I don’t have time anymore to bear absurd people,
Who despite their age have not grown.

I don’t have time anymore to fight the mediocrity.
I don’t want to participate in conversations, where inflated egos are parading.
I can’t stand manipulators and opportunists.
I am annoyed by those envious people, who seek to discredit
the most able, in an attempt to take over their position and seize their talent and success.

My time is too short to discuss headlines.
I’m aiming for the essential, as my soul is in a hurry – not so many candies left.

I like to live with humans, who are very humane.
Humans, who can laugh about their mistakes and are not terribly conceited
About their success.
Humans, who don’t feel prematurely appointed
And humans, who take responsibility.
Humans, who defend human dignity and who are willing
To stand for the truth and uprightness.
It is that, what makes a life worth living.

I want to surround myself with people, who understand, how to touch the hearts of others.
People who have learned through life’s hard punches to grow by tender touches of the soul.

Yes indeed – I’m in a hurry.
I’m in a hurry to live with the intensity only maturity can offer.
I try not to waste any of the sweets, which are still left.
I’m sure, that they will be even more delicious, than those, I already enjoyed.

It is my goal to reach the end – contended. In peace with myself, my loved ones and my


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