I like to share an interesting article with you, that explains how the “magic” number of 10,000 steps for a daily walk became established as a benchmark for a healthy lifestyle and how you may want to deal with it. Also: Hope to see you all back this week, as yoga classes winter session starts Monday, Jan 6 , in both locations. Namaste, RoxAnn

Just like to share with you a few visual impressions of our weekend at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, captured by my partner Rolf. (Click on any image, to turn on the slide show.) We had a fabulous time and we like to thank all participants once more for joining and turning it into a wonderful event.   Namaste, RoxAnn

Dear All, I like to share this article about a recent study on exercising with you. Enjoy, RoxAnn

Today we like to inspire you to think about a journey to a magnificent area in the south-western region of France: Part of the Aquitaine region in south-west France, just one hour’s drive to the east of Bordeaux, Dordogne Périgord is one of the largest and most picturesque “départements” in France, while it is also one of the most prolific in terms of its numerous historic buildings. Here you will discover unspoiled… Read More

Find here the relevant information for a new workshop coming up at my Help Your Health Studio. Happy Sunday! Namaste, RoxAnn

Dear All, I’m happy to let you know, that as of today you’ll find the first dozen yoga videos on my ‘Yoga Therapy A La Carte’ youtube channel. Alternatively you can visit the video page on this website, click on one of the thumbnails and watch. I would be happy to get your feedback and hope that you’ll share the links with your family and friends. In the future we’ll continuously add… Read More

Oh, you may be saying to yourself nothing easier than that… I know how to breathe, doesn’t everyone? Well – if you are a trained vocalist you most likely have been taught diaphragmatic breathing, but if not, please join me for a workshop as we explore this fascinating subject on Saturday , February 20 at the Founders Center in Fountain Valley. Namaste, RoxAnn

Dear All, Sorry! Pre_sale has ended on AUGUST 29. The DVDs will be available for $19.95 (+Sales Tax) by the end of September. Thanks a lot for your interest and consideration. Namaste, RoxAnn    

Coming up this month my Workshop will offer you a package of ideas and facts based on the holistic methodology of yoga therapy that you can integrate into the various aspects of your life.  It offers tools, which will help you learn:  How to relax the body, letting go of physical/mental tension, control anger, worry less, creating a life-style, which is more stress resistant, from caring about what goes into your mouth… Read More

There are a few spots left for my next workshop on Saturday, May 30. If you join, I promise you THREE HOURS of well spent time towards your goal to learn: How to implement Yoga in your daily life, how to turn routines into precious moments of care for yourself. Namaste, RoxAnn