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Guided Tadasana: AUDIO

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Help Your Health – The Weekly Review Winter Session 2018 – #01

Asana this week:
Mountain Pose Stretching Series
Pyramid Pose

Name: Mountain Pose Stretching Series

1. Standing in a firm Mountain Pose, aligning the body from toes to crown of the head.
2. Begin on the Inhale with palms facing forward/out and taking the arms only 6 inches from the the body. Inhale/Out, Exhale/turn the palm facing in and release slowly with the breath. Feel as if your breath is what moves the arms. x6
3. Continue with the arms and for the next 6 breaths take the arms only as high as the shoulders. On the Inhale/palms facing up and Exhale/releasing with the palms facing down. Repeating on the inhale “Breathing in, I observe Breathing IN” on the exhale “Breathing out, I observe Breathing OUT”.
4. On the last inhale continue taking the arms/hands overhead, interlacing the hands into Steeple (fingers interlaced with index fingers pointing toward the ceiling) reaching. Inhale/exhale.
5. Grasping the left wrist/palm facing forward, with the right hand, inhale lengthening. Exhale and reaching over the head towards the right. Be mindful not to twist the torso, this is a lateral stretch, keep the stretching arm by the side of the ear/head and try not to let it come forward. Repeat on the other side.
6. With both hands interlaced overhead and turned inside out, inhale reach long and exhale twist. R/L
7. Taking the interlaced hands behind the head to the widest part, pushing head backwards and arms forwards. Keep the elbows pointing outward to the sides. This is an isometric stretch, the head should not go back and the hands should not come forward, have them working against each other as you feel the stretch from fingertips to fingertips. Hold and breathe smoothly.
8. Bring interlaced hands in front of the chest, mid-height and try to pull the fingers apart without success. This time feel the isometric stretch again thru the arms, shoulders, mid-back and under the arm pits from fingertip to fingertip. Hold and breathe soothly.
9. Keeping the hands interlaced flex and extend the wrists, keeping the elbows in line with the wrists. Beginning with palms facing down and then again with pals facing the chest. This would be four movements as both wrists should flex and bend in each position.
10. Shake out the arms and relax.

Physical Benefits: Strengthening, stretching from various joints and muscles.

Adaptations/Variations: this series can be done sitting in the Chair.

Name: Pyramid Pose

1. Start in Mountain Pose facing the wall (arms length away) with the feet hip width apart creating stability in your legs, turn the left foot out slightly out (10-11pm on the clock)
2. Step your right foot forward 3+ feet (more or less depending upon the individual body) keeping the back heel on the mat.
3.Place your right hand either at the top of the thigh (hip cradle) or on the lower back/palm facing out/spread the fingers. Hips should be squared and facing forward evenly.
4. Inhale and raise your sternum as you lengthen your too. Shift onto your back leg and press into its heel.
5. Reaching with the left arm straight up and coming within the vicinity of the left ear, as close as possible but contact is not necessary. It is important to keep this closeness.
6. With an Exhale bend forward until the pinky/ring finger/palm facing inward touch the wall, as you are exhaling slowly remain there and let the check sink but keep the head and arm near each other. You will probably feel a stretch in the hamstrings, if not move slightly more away from the wall but be aware not to round out the back and lose arm/head contact.
7. As you are exhaling press the inner edge and ball of your front foot firmly into the ground, and pull your front groin and thing up. Lengthen the inner thigh of your back leg.
8. You can stay there for a few breaths, release, relax the neck and close the eyes
9. When you are ready to come back up Inhale and as you left your torso and then the head staying long and engaged.
10. On the exhale you can add the seed Mantra “LAM”, addressing the Root Chakra.
11. You can repeat on both right and left sides, move with the breath or stay in the position for a series of breaths.

Physical Benefits: Pyramid Pose or Intense Side Stretch, stretches your hamstrings and calves as well as your shoulder. The purpose helps prepare your body for deeper forward bend as well as twist.

There are many versions and variations of this straight forward forward fold with the legs straight and the body squared. This week in class we did a variation of the classic and will continue in the next few weeks to clarify and explore this pose.
1. Coming to the wall.
2. Coming to the chair.
3. Forward folding until the nose reaches the knee (with a straight back) hands on the floor or on blocks, arms no longer next to ears but below shoulders, shoulders are away from ears.
4. Using the Posture Poles from hand to hand.

General Class:

Starting Pose: Morning Wake-Up Stretch

Warm-Up: Child’s Pose, Cat n’ Cow, Ankles/Wrists Flex-Extend

Arm Support: Balancing Cat, Thread the Needle

Forward Bend: Pyramid Pose

Standing: Mountain Pose Stretching Series

Sun Salutations with and/or without the Chair
Please find both PDF stick figure description here on my website.
Find Sun Salutations with and without the chair also as video (first and last) on my video page or on my DVD’s which you can purchase directly from me.

Twisting: Sitting on floor with Strap R/L

Balancing: Facing Wall Shifting Weight R/L, Tree

Backbend: Bridge

Hip Opener: Squat

Cool Down: Legs Up the Wall with Strap

Savasana: … add Sandbag

The Chakra System: #1 – Root Chakra, Center of Stability & Support

When this Chakra is blocked or deficient, you may experience insecurity or fear. Many of us spend little time truly connected to the earth. We spend most of our day rushing from one event to the next. We get stuck in our own thoughts and worry. It can be difficult to slow down and keep things simple. Yoga movements that focus on the first chakra connect your body with the earth and provide stability and stress reduction.

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara
Function: Grounding
Physical Location: Perineum
Spinal Vertebrae: Lumbar 1-5 Sacral 1-5

Nerve Plexus: Coccygeal/tailbone
Gland: Adrenal
Body Area: Legs, feet, large intestine
Theme/Motivation: Survival
Inner Sense: Security stability, stillness
Matter: Solid
Element: Earth
Problems: Weight, sciatic, constipation
Color: Red
Seed Mantra: LAM
Action: To be
Animal Representation: Elephant, ox, bull
Yoga Asana: Mountain, Knee to Chest, Locust, Standing Forward Bend, Legs up the Wall.
Meditation: Grounding

Breathing/Pranayama Exercise:

Even Ratio Breathing, Simple Breath Awareness, Ocean Breathing
Sit in a comfortable position or lie down.
Close your eyes and let your body relax, summoning self-acceptance.
Start to notice your breath. What does your breath feel like?
Is it rushed or calm? Is your breath loud or soft? Does it feel warm or cool?
As you inhale through your nose, say to yourself “Breathing in, I observe breathing in.”
As you exhale through your nose, say to yourself “Breathing out, I observe breathing out.”
Continue to follow your breath for a 1-10 cycle, your breath will automatically become slower, smoother and feel more natural.

You can continue for as long as you feel comfortable anywhere between a few minutes to half an hour.

continue with…..
the Breath and Even Ratio Breathing and this becomes a Mantra Meditation.

Mudras/Hand Expressions:
Jnana = Index/Thumb touching at the tips, other three fingers together and almost straight, palms facing up. Do with both hands.
This mudra is often used during meditation. It is a mudra for building concentration and focus. The regular practice of this mudra helps in increasing the activity of the gray matter of the brain, being good for a nervous anxious and forgetful mind. The index finger represents individual consciousness and the thumb represents supreme consciousness.

3 minute sitting in Chair with silent Mantra
Inhale/ “Breathing In, I observe Breathing In”
Exhale/ “Breathing Out, I observe Breathing Out.”

Essential Oil:
doTerra: Serenity : Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Camomile, Ylang Ylang, Hawaiian Sandlewood, Vanilla Bean

Goldmund “Sometimes”

Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees. -B.K.S. Iyengar Light on Life

To perform eerie action artfully, is yoga” -Swami Kripalu

Miscellaneous: From me to you!

Dear Students,

Welcome back and it was truly a pleasure to see you in class this week. As much as I always enjoy a break, I always enjoy meeting again and experiencing something new and something old, learning and growing together as a Sangha/Community.

For this past break we did not travel. Instead we traveled through our ‘stuff’. Making almost no appointments for three weeks, spending each day reflecting on what we have accumulated, how, why and do we need it??!! From the garage, through the studio, my clothes closets (Rolf is already a minimalist far from me), most nooks and crannies which a house has, giving away “someones trash could be another one treasures”, donating and visiting Rainbow. The process was finished sooner than I had expected and feels great, I don’t regret a single day and very much enjoyed the flow and reflection. Less is more! I will admit that there is still more to be ‘let go of’. The goal is to be able to put my little Lexus in the garage, we are getting closer, when we started we could hardly put us in the garage. The biggest accumulation in the garage is books, hard to part with, but working on it. Here I come library! I also renewed my membership at both the HB and FV libraries and took out of couple of books to read instead of buying or downloading. Life is good, thank you 2017 and here we are in 2018.

The first Review of 2018 has only a few minor changes.

You will have each week a general list of the asana/movement which we did in class, not every class will be the same, we may have or maybe not done that specific movement in your class, these will be in regular type face.

I will list in italics, those asanas which we do every week so you can practice them at home and read up if you want to be more familiar with the details.

In bold type I will list anything which is new/changed so you can then have the details.

If you see an asana which I have not detailed and which you are not familiar with, the chances are it is detailed in a previous review (60+ now listed here in archives “revisit-research-reflect”).

When doing a short/long home practice it is advised to choose from the list in the sequence given as this prepares the body in a gradual sense, warming up to opening/expanding and then cooling down to relaxing.

The raffle tickets have all been redeemed except for the private class. Five students can now add an additional class whenever they desire, just let me know. I had intentions of picking again on Saturday but we were busy and I forgot. I will ask a student to pick a new ticket at the Monday Solution class and post that number. I hope you have not discarded your tickets as we will continue picking until we find a winner for the private class.

For studio students you may have noticed the green glass vase sitting on my desk. It is our Gratitude Bowl. Sitting beside the vase you will see small pieces of paper and pens. I am asking everyone to contribute a weekly gratitude into the bowl. You can fill out the paper before or after class or if you prefer bring your gratitude with and just drop it into the vase. A single word, sentence etc. no name required. Thank You for participating. This is a practice you can also do at home with your family. The same concept and action. If you are wondering how to convince the family, check the blog for an article posted last year on Gratitude.

Hope to see you this week.





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