The Feet – “As Below, So Above”

In this workshop we will actively deal with the feet.

How well do your know your feet?

In light of the fast-paced and highly mobile society we live in today, establishing a sense of grounding and foundation through the feet is important.  How can we find that foundation? Where can it lead to and what is it connected to in our bodies?

Together we will explore the analogy of the body as a tree, how strong and stable are your roots?

When we learn how to generate stability and support through the bones and connective tissues of the feet, we can help regulate the nervous system, increase circulation and improve respiration. Full range of motion within the foot typically goes underutilized until we know what can be done. What can you do with your toes? How do you walk?

The earthward rooting of the foundation of the body can help bring composure in the face of difficulty, whether it is a fragmented family, a health crisis, a failing marriage, lost of a loved one or a precarious economy.

Find answers to many questions in this workshop. Your feet would be very happy, if you became more familiar with them, join me!

No previous yoga experience required. Actively working on the feet, no power point presentation, but hand outs will be available.


Old World Village/Help Your Health/ Yoga Therapy a la Carte
7561 Center Avenue #32
Huntington Beach Ca. 92647

Price & Payment:
Check made out to: Help Your Health for $35
Upon receipt of your check (cash is also accepted,  but no credit cards) you will be notified that you have a reserved space in that workshop.
No walk-ins, reservations only.
Space is limited to 10 people per date. Please note: No make ups, no refunds, but you can replace yourself, if you can’t make the commitment.

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