Translated as raised triangle. Stretching the sides of the spine, back of the legs and the hips. Also stretching the muscles between your ribs, the intercostals, which open the chest and improves breathing capacity.

Begin in Warrior II with front right leg straight.
Inhale as you raise your arms up to shoulder height, palms facing down with shoulders relaxed.
Shift your hips right over the front extended leg extending the upper body. Place the right hand into the hip cradle releasing the spine parallel to the mat. Place the left hand on the left hip and slightly rotate inward. Slide the right hand down the leg either to the shine or floor. Stack the left shoulder over the right shoulder and reach for ceiling with the left hand.
The arms should be in a straight line with the head forming an even angle looking sideways into the room.
As you rest your weight on your back heels you should feel stable and grounded through both of your feet. You should also feel comfortable in the pose with your neck relaxed, your knees soft and your legs stretched but not strained.
Lengthen the underside of the body reaching from the belly to the shoulders.
Hold for 15 seconds and/or 6 breaths.

Flow  to:
Wide Forward Bend/Prasarita Pada Uttanasana -a hanging forward bend increasing circulation to the upper torso and lengthening the spine, stretching the hamstrings and the adductors/inner thighs and opening the hips
Revolved/Reversed Triangle/Parivrtta Trikonasana  – reaching to the opposite ankle from a spread-legged forward bend twisting/untwisting increasing the circulation of fresh blood to the discs keeping them supple as you grow older.

Physical Benefits:
Intense stretch along the sides of the torso, hips and legs. Increases the strength and flexibility of your hips, legs, ankles and feet. Elongates the spine and opens the chest, which can help improve breathing.

Mental Benefits: Builds focus, develops willpower. Stimulates the mind. Relieves stress and mild anxiety.

Counter Pose: Standing Forward Bend/Uttanasana

Adaptations/Variations: Always keep the spine in a straight line with your head down to your tailbone. Practicing the pose with your back against a wall and help one find the proper alignment.
A block can be used under the front hand.

Contra Indications: Use caution if you have lower back issues. Migraine. Insomnia. Low blood pressure/

Triangle/Trikonasana -  modified with Chair

Triangle/Trikonasana – modified with Chair

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