Monthly Archives: December 2017

While reorganizing my closet and weighing the pro and cons, when it comes to keep or part with one, ten, or even more items, which once appeared so irresistible, this article in the newspaper caught my attention, when I took a coffee break. The author Lindsey Kaufman offered beside some comfort also some astonishing facts. I love it, when the universe offers a hint, what to do or how to decide. Namaste,… Read More

Just found this article in the L.A. Times and thought it’s worthwhile to share with you. Namaste, RoxAnn

This past week I mentioned an article in the Los Angeles Time titled: Why gratitude is so good! by Arlene Dawson (click for full article) Listing 10 ways in which you can foster gratitude and how important it can be in life. Studies show that practicing gratitude can help lower blood pressure, stop smoking and reduce stress. A quote from Robert A. Emmons, Professor Of Psychology at UC Davis: “Gratitude is good… Read More