Monthly Archives: April 2018

Just found this interesting article, which I love to share with you. I often wonder why most of us (me included) have occasionally such a tough time to follow some old and well proven recommendations? Anyway the article is definitely motivating to check our sometimes bad habits. Namaste, RoxAnn

Those of you, who have bought flowers, not only to decorate a room, but really took a break and used some time to enjoy and analyze these master pieces of nature a bit more in detail, will admit how easily the mind, body and soul will resonate with this abundance of beauty, positive energy and indeed powerful appearance despite an often extremely tender and delicate structure. The image above, my partner Rolf… Read More

I love, when my students provide me with interesting articles, they found in the infinite space of information. Behind this link you find a story published by Melissa Healy in the L.A. Times and it talks about a study about the effects of sitting on the brain. It’s frightening… so after you read this –  please GET UP! And – Thank You Tom, for sharing! Namaste, RoxAnn