Simple Green Tasty Lunch

Today my partner Rolf turned a Kohlrabi, a Fennel bulb, a Leek and an Endive into a flavor full veggie feast, rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals and a tasty treat for our palate. All veggies were simply steamed to an “al dente” level, then a little sea salt and black pepper were freshly ground over it, and last he added a little organic olive oil and some drops of aged (18 years) Balsamic vinegar. And yes – not to forget, he also cut some fresh Dill and sprinkled it over the vegetables. Delicioso!

And check this out:

Kohlrabi 300gr ~ 85 calories, 1 Endive ~ 20 calories, 1 Fennel bulb 230g ~ 73 calories, one whole Leek ~ 89 calories, 1 table spoon olive oil ~ 119 calories, 1 table spoon balsamic vinegar ~ 14 calories = 400 calories total, 200 p.Person

Namaste, RoxAnn

P.S. Enjoy it with a glass of dry Vouvray wine, from the banks of the Loire Valley in France.

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