Memories of Uganda and Zanzibar – Part 2 – On the Road

Uganda is a landlocked country that is made up of savannas, mountains, and lakes. It is a country in east-central Africa. About the size of Great Britain, Uganda is populated by dozens of ethnic groups. Uganda embraces many ecosystems, from the tall volcanic mountains of the eastern and western frontiers to the densely forested swamps of the Albert Nile River and the rain forests of the country’s central plateau. The land is richly fertile, many people raise their own vegetables and beside Cotton and Tea, Ugandan coffee has become both a mainstay of the agricultural economy and a favorite of coffee lovers around the world. We traveled the South West of the country, visiting the Foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, the Kibale Forest, Lake George and Lake Edward, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Ishasha near the Congolese border and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The images below reflect impressions of our rides/ walks to and between those locations.  In a future posting we will put a special focus on landscapes.

Hope you enjoy,

Namaste, Rolf and RoxAnn

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