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Your Neck & Your Posture: Don’t just sit there!
October 9

How is your posture? & What can you do about your present posture? What does your head have to do with your posture?
Can you relax your neck?
What are the healthy movements for your neck?
Are you only “in your head”?
Where is the “root” of your neck?

For this workshop you would need the following: chair, yoga mat, blanket, block, wash cloth.

Breath, Meditation and Stress Reduction = Your Toolbox

October 16

The side effect of this workshop is stress reduction.

What and where is your Diaphragm? How does it work and its dual roles.
Where are your lungs? You may be surprised.
Can you improve your breath capacity?
Learn basic yogic breathing, and feel how it effects your stress levels and most systems of the body.
Learn a basic meditation practice which can be repeated every day with success and satisfaction.
A little insight to the weekly class.

For this workshop you would need the following: chair, block.

Balance your Body – October 30

The studies prove:
Can you improve your balance? Yes you can if you say yes, know what to do and do it!
How practice can reduce the risk of falling? Do you have 5 minutes a day, twice daily? If not, what to expect, not better balance only a decline says the science
What are the elements in your life which can influence your balance?
Learn the 5 Basic Yoga Asana for your balance, using a chair or not.

For this workshop you would need the following: chair, yoga mat, block.

Lower Back including Sciatica
November 6

What causes your pain going down the leg? What can you do?
What do your tummy muscles have to do with your back?
There are 3 types of pain in the buttock and what can you do about either or all of them?
Get the Lumbar lowdown, concise to the point!!
Do you understand what ‘degenerative disc disease’ really means? Or does it just sound scary and beyond help.
Walking and your Lumbar?! Walk the Walk!
Sitting and your Lumbar, how and how long?

For this workshop you would need the following: chair, yoga mat, blanket, block.

The Knees and More…..
November 13

Our lifestyle and our knees?
7 ways to protect the knees…….
What is neutral standing for the knees?
Is your Patella tracking correctly?
Find a squat which works for you and truly helps strengthen the support of your knees, even if you have a knee issue already.
If you have pain in your knee seek professional help and search for non-surgical methods if it is not already too late, don’t ignore or avoid.

For this workshop you would need the following: chair, yoga mat, blanket, block.


All Workshops will be offered on a Friday at 11:30am-12:30pm.
Price is $15 per workshop and can be paid by either Venmo or a check.

All Workshops will present a specific series of yoga as the main theme, with explanation of why and how. They are all tools to help you feel healthier.

Registration (please be specific in your email or text) will be noted when you announce your interest and confirmed with payment which I will announce when received.

All Workshops will be limited to a small class and a second date announced if necessary (the following Saturday 11:30am). But please let me know if the second date would work for you as I need a minimum in order to schedule.

Rather than a new drug or quick fix, it is the small, daily, purposeful things we do with integrity that often bring about the most meaningful change. This is yoga!


Important Disclaimer:

“The yoga therapy components of my [instruction or practice] are based on the credentials earned as Graduate of Yoga Therapy RX at Loyola Marymount University and Yoga Therapy Clinical Practicum at Healing Yoga Institute, not derived from my status as an RYT ®with Yoga Alliance Registry.”

The news, suggestions, information, exercises and other offers or items on this website are intended for informational purposes only. Not all exercise is suitable for everyone. To reduce the risk of injury, please consult your Doctor before engaging in any physical and/or therapeutic exercise program. Nothing is intended to be a substitute for professional medical care.

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