yoga retreat abroad

Before the COVID Pandemic hit the globe, organizing yoga and culture retreats abroad was a beloved endeavor for RoxAnn and her husband Rolf.  For 11 years they have organized  retreats  in Central America and Europe and also in Africa. These events offered the possibility to explore and enjoy the many facets of cultural specifics in the host country and appealed therefor not only to ‘yoga disciples’, but also to guests, who joined the group, without the intention to practice yoga. Staying at wonderful places, enjoying amazing food,  nurturing the body, mind, and soul, while escaping the daily routine they liked to create an atmosphere of kindness and tolerance between their group members as you might know it only from traveling together with friends. Leaving California in July of 2021, they will not continue their travel offers until 2022 and before they have reestablished their business at the East Coast of the USA.

When traveling with them becomes possible again, they’ll let you know, what their next destination(s) will be.


©Rolf Goellnitz, Silver Back (Male Gorilla), Bwindi, Uganda 2019

©Rolf Goellnitz – Group of Californian Yogis at Belem Tower in Lisbon (September 2018)

©Rolf Goellnitz – Exploring Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa) – October 2017

©Rolf Goellnitz – Exploring Lyon and Burgundy…Here the Abbey of Fontenay (June 2017)

©Rolf Goellnitz – RoxAnn and Guests at Potsdam Station – While exploring Berlin, Hamburg and Potsdam in Germany (June 2016)

©Rolf Goellnitz – Our Group Members – South Africa October 2015

©Rolf Goellnitz – RoxAnn with Retreat Guests in Tuscany 2014

©Rolf Goellnitz – Our Yoga Retreat Group and RoxAnn (squatting) with hosts Jude (far right) and Philipe (far left) 2013 at La Madelene, Provence (2013)

©R0lf Goellnitz – RoxAnn and her Yoga Retreat Group in Palma de Majorca (2012)

"Warriors" posing in front of the MOCA in Barcelona

©Rolf Goellnitz – Friendly ‘Warriors’ posing in front of the MOCA in Barcelona 2012

RoxAnn and Retreat Company visiting the Abbey of Senanque in Provence.

©Rolf Goellnitz – RoxAnn and Retreat Company visiting the Abbey of Senanque in Provence 2012.

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