Memories from Germany

After three years not having traveled internationally, we visited Germany to do business and also see family members and friends. Berlin, Cologne and Duesseldorf were the destinations. All three are really attractive cities with an abundance of interesting sites, art, concerts, good food and at this time of the year plenty of grey skies, rain and wind. Nevertheless we enjoyed to be back, consumed many calories, served in any shape and fashion, saw great exhibitions and a concert and enjoyed the company of pleasant people. Below we like to share a few images, which give you an idea.


RoxAnn and Rolf

2 Comments on “Memories from Germany

  1. Love the photos of Germany, Roxann. Very picturesque to say the very least and the food looks absolutely delicious! Fond memories no doubt and I would venture to guess that your time in Germany with family and friends just flew by rather quickly. BTW, It has been raining cats and dogs here in California for about a month and I have never seen anything like it since I’ve bee living here since 1980.  On Saturday, I was coming home from the gym in Huntington Beach and had to pick up some things at Costco. I snapped this photo for you as I exited the parking lot. The place seems empty without you and Rolf living there, in my opinion.  We miss you. See ya on Zoom this Wednesday!



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