Monthly Archives: May 2020

Dear All, Not since Covid19, but even long before I’ve emphasized in my classes, how important it is to learn to breath proper and to strengthen your respiratory health. One of the essential asanas in this context is called Crocodile (Makarasana). The two photos (above and below) show you how it looks like.  This link takes you to further details and in case you are in the mood to learn even more,… Read More

Just like to post a few pictures, which document how money, some of you were able and so kind to give for people we support in Bwindi/ Uganda is put to work. Uganda is living in lock-down as well, means work opportunities are next to none and especially people like Simon (blue Shirt) who work in the tourism business, which is currently non-existing and have no own plot of land, are hard… Read More

Dear All, You may have seen news reports about federal and state authorities planning for the reopening of businesses in different phases and based on, how essential they are.  So far no concrete date has been communicated to us, when this will be the case for Help Your Health. Naturally we’re looking forward to reopening the yoga studio as soon as it is safe for all to do so. Rolf and I… Read More

Dear All, like to share a light lunch recipe, recently prepared by Rolf. Starter: 2 quarters of large organic avocado, served with a pinch of sea salt and 18 years old, matured Balsamic vinegar, combined with 4-5 slices of an organic Royal Mandarin. Main: Calamari Steak sauteed in a little unsalted butter and seasoned with Herbs de Provence and freshly grind black pepper, and a little lemon juice. Accompanied by two quarters… Read More

Little did I know… that my offer of Interactive Live Yoga Classes would be so well received by you. Although it’s the closest you can get to a class in person with me in my studio – Although  I see you and you see me and nothing is prerecorded, but all live – Although, if you have a question it gets answered on the spot – Honestly, I yet had my doubts…. Read More