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I like to share this interesting link as it helps deciding, whether to buy organic or not. Thought you might enjoy. Namaste, RoxAnn   P.S. Find here a link to get my latest ‘Yoga Therapy A La Carte’ DVDs at Pre-Sale.

All of you, who have been in my classes will recall how often balance is the issue – and as we all know – for good reasons. I was happy to find this article in the L.A. Times of last Saturday as it competently covers many  facts and recommendations. Hope you enjoy as much as I did. Namaste, RoxAnn   Also: Find here an interesting article by Anne Pavuk Wright about the… Read More

Dear All, Sorry! Pre_sale has ended on AUGUST 29. The DVDs will be available for $19.95 (+Sales Tax) by the end of September. Thanks a lot for your interest and consideration. Namaste, RoxAnn    

Coming up this month my Workshop will offer you a package of ideas and facts based on the holistic methodology of yoga therapy that you can integrate into the various aspects of your life.  It offers tools, which will help you learn:  How to relax the body, letting go of physical/mental tension, control anger, worry less, creating a life-style, which is more stress resistant, from caring about what goes into your mouth… Read More