Fatty Acids Omega 3

Anybody out there, who has not heard of these “fatties”, which, as analyzed in many studies, seem to have a very beneficial impact on the health of our body. Find here the link to a quite informative slide show, which documents the latest revelations in context with these essential components of a healthy diet.



One Comment on “Fatty Acids Omega 3

  1. Hi RoxAnn!

    You can get your fatties from vegan sources, specifically, marine algae, which is where the fishies get them in the first place. We use a product from Nordic Naturals called Algae Omega. Unfortunately they still use glycerin in the gel caps, so the product is not vegan.

    The fishies will thank you, as will the the marine creatures who really need the fishies in order to survive and are in danger of starving as a result of overfishing. The Orca pod to which the grieving mother belongs–the one who carried her dead calf for seventeen days–is extremely endangered by diminished food sources. Thenks! Patricia


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