Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Moms near and far,

Ever asked yourself, who invented Mother’s Day in the USA? This year I checked it and found out: ANNA JARVIS of Philadelphia, whose mother had organized women’s groups to promote friendship and health, originated Mother’s Day. On May 12, 1908, she held a memorial service at her late mother’s church in Grafton, West Virginia. It became an official U.S. Holiday in 1914.

It’s probably the day, where the most flower bouquets get sold and are offered to moms by their husbands and kids, to make up for all the trouble they cause during the year.

We wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

Namaste, RoxAnn and Rolf

5 Comments on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Dear RoxAnn,

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too ! And hope you are enjoying your weekend and your visit also.

    Thank you so much for sharing these interesting facts. The link was helpful for the additional history as well.

    Love the pictures of the flowers. Assume they are Rolf’s brilliant, artistic work.

    Warmest regards always,



  2. Good morning RoxAnn,
    I hope you’re having a great time out here!
    Thank you for that beautiful message and the interesting information about Mother’s Day! I laughed at the part where everyone buys flowers for Mom because of all the trouble they’ve caused all year! (Isn’t that the truth and if my Mom were still here I’m sure she would agree! Haha!).


    • Yes those flowers are absolutely beautiful! That is why I like to Garden! 💐🦋🍃


  3. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well.

    Many thanks to you and Rolf for all of the lovely flowers in the bouquet.

    Joann (Jo)


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