Feed Your Dosha!

Living Yoga naturally also includes paying attention to what you eat and drink. As the ancient Indian scriptures mention already: We are what we eat.

So as your portfolio and sequence of asanas will become more and more personalized to your individual needs and requests, you also might want to explore what kind of food is right for you. Fact is that the favorable food choice for one, might be harmful for some body else ’s constitution or Dosha type as the Ayurvedic Medicine defines it. Due to my own positive experience I would recommend to consult an Ayurvedic physician, preferably one, who in his/her analysis also pays attention to the different traditional food habits of western civilization.
To become somewhat familiar with the subject and even more important with its proven potential, I recommend to read this article, written by Kulreet Chaudhary, MD Neurologist and Maharishi Ayurveda Expert, who has also  been on the DR. OZ show two years ago, as some of you might remember.
If this inspires you to find out more, then just ask me, if you like to be referred to an Ayurvedic physician.



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