PHYSICAL Distance, YES! But Social Distance, NO!


Today it’s me, RoxAnn’s husband Rolf, who writes you a post on her website as I like to share some thoughts with all of you:

I hope, that despite the circumstances, all of you are still doing fine. I wish you from the bottom of my heart, that you’ll stay healthy, as this would make it easier for you to gain something positive out of this situation.
Most of the time we humans succeed to really get further, if the situation confronts us with a challenge, we have not experienced before. Biggest obstacle to face in this process is our recognition, that this might be combined with change.

Change is for the most of us a very unpleasant thought and often even initiates fear. Understandably, because change always contains the unknown as well. Nevertheless I propose that you and naturally me, too, have to try it anyway, become active and take responsibility ourselves. Think for once ourselves about, how this situation occurred and what can/ needs to be done by us personally, helping to master this challenge. Start talking with other people (for now by keeping in mind the physical distance) and define, where common activities are needed for change, and how to engage based on personal knowledge and skills in the future.

Until today we rely, me included, too much on “the others”, who are supposed to fix things, as they were elected, get paid for it, can for sure do it better and for many more other reasons.

I think, that has to stop. We have to bring ourselves to finally take responsibility for our well-being and that of other humans. That’s what this pandemic shows drastically, it has consequences for all of us, not only for me, for you, for us, or them, or the others.

Only together we’ll be able to overcome this and create conditions, which allow us in the future, to better deal with new challenges. I beg you all not to loose your courage, but to recall your skills, your experience and your desire for life.

Everybody of us has his /her very own potential to shape his, her, our life on our planet. If all of us accept this and engage accordingly, we still have a chance to create a life worth living for everybody on this Earth.

A big hug for all of you!


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