I like to share an interesting article with you, that explains how the “magic” number of 10,000 steps for a daily walk became established as a benchmark for a healthy lifestyle and how you may want to deal with it. Also: Hope to see you all back this week, as yoga classes winter session starts Monday, Jan 6 , in both locations. Namaste, RoxAnn

Dear All, I wish you all a “Happy and Healthy New Year”! To achieve the latter, it might help to read this article and to consider, respectively apply the recommendations.   Namaste, RoxAnn

Boost your energy and get ready for spring activities with the right fuel! A mix of shaved Brussels sprouts, Green Asparagus, Baby Carrots, Kohlrabi, White Onion and Leaks tossed together and steamed  al dente in a wok style pan with a lid, using some grapeseed oil to make the veggies sweat, then seasoned with yellow curry, paprika and a bit cayenne and little sea salt will definitely do it. Like to add… Read More

I’m always happy, if my students bring me veggies and fruits, fresh harvested from their gardens and it is a delightful pleasure for me and my partner Rolf to eat them. And – since  I’ve read “Life Changing Foods” by Medical Medium Anthony William, I appreciate the massive amounts of benefits they provide even more. It’s so fascinating, when William describes not only what disease / or illness symptoms might be tackled,… Read More

Don’t sit longer than 30 minutes… Just read this article in the L.A. Times and had the immediate desire to share it with all of you, who visit my website. Namaste, RoxAnn

All of you, who have been in my classes will recall how often balance is the issue – and as we all know – for good reasons. I was happy to find this article in the L.A. Times of last Saturday as it competently covers many  facts and recommendations. Hope you enjoy as much as I did. Namaste, RoxAnn   Also: Find here an interesting article by Anne Pavuk Wright about the… Read More

Need more good reasons why to practice yoga and tackle issues, which are on your “body mind and soul maintenance list” since a long time. Read this … it might inspire you! And if you share it… you might inspire a family member or friend as well. Thank you! Namaste, RoxAnn

Learn about the one and only issue all nutritionists’ judgement is on the same page: The devastating impact of SUGAR.

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