Find out here about the details. Namaste.

For those of you, who join my classes, or anybody else, who is interested in the subject matter, I’ve established an additional feature  on this website called the ‘Help Your Health Sangha’.  There you find on a weekly base updated ( except during session breaks), a summary  about the main aspects of my latest classes.  Just click here, then bookmark the link and go back, whenever you want.  Your feedback is welcomed… Read More

After sharing many enjoyable and fascinating journeys with some of you, where we explored “the Art of Living and Yoga”, I’m happy to be able to offer you two new options for 2017. Burgundy & Lyon in June and Southern Africa in October are the destinations. Find more detailed information under these two links.  Burgundy and Southern Africa If you have any questions and for the terms and conditions please contact my… Read More

“As Below, So Above” In this workshop we will actively deal with the feet. How well do your know your feet? In light of the fast-paced and highly mobile society we live in today, establishing a sense of grounding and foundation through the feet is important.  How can we find that foundation? Where can it lead to and what is it connected to in our bodies? Together we will explore the analogy… Read More

Dear All, after returning from a wonderful trip to Berlin, I’m looking forward to see you all back in my classes, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, July 5. Namaste, RoxAnn

The Memorial Day weekend I spent at the famous Joshua Tree Retreat Center, organizing with my partner Rolf a yoga therapy retreat for twenty participants. We had a lot of fun and we like to thank all our guests for their trust and their involvement to turn this event into a great experience for everybody. Next year we’ll return for the third time , so please stay tuned, if you’re interested to… Read More

I’ve always loved orchids and rather than getting a bouquet of flowers, I appreciate to surround myself with living plants and orchids definitely are my favorites. Googling on orchids, I found this article and think that Avia, the author, did a good job to describe the many aspects and facets, which define an orchid. The image above was taken, like 99% images on this site, by my partner Rolf Goellnitz. Wishing you… Read More

Found this interesting article by Chip Richards and thought you might like to read it, too! And then, take a barefoot stroll on the sandy beach or on the grass in the park, or, if you’re lucky enough to have an own lawn or garden, use it for a new purpose:) Namaste.

… and watch our latest trailer for my youtube video channel and Yoga Therapy A La Carte DVDs. Namaste, RoxAnn

Recently I visited Downtown L.A. and had the opportunity to enjoy a stroll, which also led me to Maguire Gardens at the Los Angeles Public Library. The picture shows me in front of “The World Peace Bell”. The plaque at the bell reads: The World Peace Bell is an internationally recognized symbol of world peace. The bell is cast from coins and medals donated by 103 countries and represents a common bond… Read More