Learn the specifics of How? What? and Why? we should practice Restorative Yoga. Restorative Yoga focuses on undoing the stress stemming from the pace of modern life working on a deeper level both physical and psychological. It means destressing, re-energizing and finding balance. Feel better in your body, calmer in your mind. Explore the practice of letting go. Hope to see you Saturday, Nov 7 !!! Namaste, RoxAnn

Coming up this month my Workshop will offer you a package of ideas and facts based on the holistic methodology of yoga therapy that you can integrate into the various aspects of your life.  It offers tools, which will help you learn:  How to relax the body, letting go of physical/mental tension, control anger, worry less, creating a life-style, which is more stress resistant, from caring about what goes into your mouth… Read More

Dear All, just wanted to let you know, that I’ve scheduled more Yoga Therapy Workshops for the summer. Please note that I limit the amount of participants to 25 max. Find out more details by clicking on the following links: Every Day Yoga – 108 Ways Balance and Bones Yoga!? Yes you can!  (for beginners) Your Anti-Stress Toolbox. Hope to see you! Namaste, RoxAnn  

A minimalist guide to a simplified, organized and happy life.  Declutter to destress. Work smart, not hard. Save money and save time. This book by Rachel Jonat discusses ‘Minimalism’ in home, work, money and life. This past week in class I read the following passage from this book. Part of the reason for picking this topic is because I have myself recently experienced this time in my life: legacy. “Your home should… Read More