Namaste, RoxAnn

Those of you, who have bought flowers, not only to decorate a room, but really took a break and used some time to enjoy and analyze these master pieces of nature a bit more in detail, will admit how easily the mind, body and soul will resonate with this abundance of beauty, positive energy and indeed powerful appearance despite an often extremely tender and delicate structure. The image above, my partner Rolf… Read More

Boost your energy and get ready for spring activities with the right fuel! A mix of shaved Brussels sprouts, Green Asparagus, Baby Carrots, Kohlrabi, White Onion and Leaks tossed together and steamed  al dente in a wok style pan with a lid, using some grapeseed oil to make the veggies sweat, then seasoned with yellow curry, paprika and a bit cayenne and little sea salt will definitely do it. Like to add… Read More