This past week I mentioned an article in the Los Angeles Time titled: Why gratitude is so good! by Arlene Dawson (click for full article) Listing 10 ways in which you can foster gratitude and how important it can be in life. Studies show that practicing gratitude can help lower blood pressure, stop smoking and reduce stress. A quote from Robert A. Emmons, Professor Of Psychology at UC Davis: “Gratitude is good… Read More

Don’t sit longer than 30 minutes… Just read this article in the L.A. Times and had the immediate desire to share it with all of you, who visit my website. Namaste, RoxAnn

Last weekend I found an interesting article by David Levine in the L.A.Times, which I like to share with you. I’m sure we can agree that he describes a phenomena, familiar to all of us. Nevertheless awareness is the first step to improvement. Namaste, RoxAnn The loopholes that help bad habits block happiness Often the reasons why people fail — even at major efforts such as diet or exercise — is not… Read More