Dear All, like to share a light lunch recipe, recently prepared by Rolf. Starter: 2 quarters of large organic avocado, served with a pinch of sea salt and 18 years old, matured Balsamic vinegar, combined with 4-5 slices of an organic Royal Mandarin. Main: Calamari Steak sauteed in a little unsalted butter and seasoned with Herbs de Provence and freshly grind black pepper, and a little lemon juice. Accompanied by two quarters… Read More

Dear All, using Turmeric since a long time as an essential ingredient of my food intake, I like to share this article by Ocean Robbins, CEO of the Food Revolution Network, with you, as it explains in depth the benefits of this extraordinary root. Namaste, RoxAnn

Dear All, I wish you all a “Happy and Healthy New Year”! To achieve the latter, it might help to read this article and to consider, respectively apply the recommendations.   Namaste, RoxAnn

Health science recommends 3-4 veggie and fruit intakes a day and I’m happy to say, that I totally agree with that. It’s not an insurance to never get ill, but definitely a fabulous tool to support your immune system in case it happens and to recover faster. In the meantime it serves as a great option to boost your energy level. The photos visualize two options of infinite possibilities. One shows our… Read More

In the last Saturday’s issue of the L.A. times I found this interesting article by Kavita Daswani, who writes about the “life changing decision” of former defensive lineman of the Dallas Cowboys, David Carter, who after suffering from painful tendonitis and high blood pressure, became a vegan, eliminating meat, seafood and dairy from his diet. Check it out! Namaste, RoxAnn

I like to share this interesting link as it helps deciding, whether to buy organic or not. Thought you might enjoy. Namaste, RoxAnn   P.S. Find here a link to get my latest ‘Yoga Therapy A La Carte’ DVDs at Pre-Sale.