Dear All, I wish you all a “Happy and Healthy New Year”! To achieve the latter, it might help to read this article and to consider, respectively apply the recommendations.   Namaste, RoxAnn

In the last Saturday’s issue of the L.A. times I found this interesting article by Kavita Daswani, who writes about the “life changing decision” of former defensive lineman of the Dallas Cowboys, David Carter, who after suffering from painful tendonitis and high blood pressure, became a vegan, eliminating meat, seafood and dairy from his diet. Check it out! Namaste, RoxAnn

Any yogini, who is looking at yoga not merely as an exercise program but rather as a lifestyle, will agree that what you eat and drink truly matters. My partner Rolf is the one, who takes care of that in our home and today I like to share two dishes, he recently served to my delight. As he enjoys reading French restaurant menus and their elaborate description of the offered treats, he… Read More

Still on the fence, where to go, what to experience and explore this year. I have a great option for you! Find out more here and maybe you’ll get inspired to join me on a trip to Lyon, Burgundy and Nice, October 8 – 21! Namaste.

I like to share this interesting link as it helps deciding, whether to buy organic or not. Thought you might enjoy. Namaste, RoxAnn   P.S. Find here a link to get my latest ‘Yoga Therapy A La Carte’ DVDs at Pre-Sale.