Today I found this quote, which I like to share with you: “Life on earth is a whole, yet it expresses itself in unique time-bound bodies, microscopic or visible, plant or animal, extinct or living. So there can be no one place to be. There can be no one way to be, no one way to practice, no one way to learn, no one way to love, no one way to grow… Read More

I’ve always loved orchids and rather than getting a bouquet of flowers, I appreciate to surround myself with living plants and orchids definitely are my favorites. Googling on orchids, I found this article and think that Avia, the author, did a good job to describe the many aspects and facets, which define an orchid. The image above was taken, like 99% images on this site, by my partner Rolf Goellnitz. Wishing you… Read More