Often I’m asked, what I consider to be some of the most essential asanas. Find here some of my favorites with a brief introduction, to get inspired. If you like to go for more information, visit this part of my website. And maybe, you like to share and write me about your favorite and why you love it. Namaste, RoxAnn

Why not taking a stroll during the weekend in one of our nice parks in the neighborhood. Why not wearing your yoga outfit and even mixing your walk up with some asanas? Recently I discovered a beautiful park right above the Newport Beach Civic Center / Library. Wonderful sustainable landscaping, a great view, birds chirping  and a little breeze left no wish open. I think, it’s a great alternative to watch TV… Read More

This serves as a reminder and visual for clarification on what we have been discussing during the first week of Spring Session. There are two possibilities for the ‘sliding lunge’; it is usually best to begin with the bed since it is higher than the sofa and to gradually increase the stretch using the sofa which is usually much lower, from there you can either remove the sofa pillows or use a… Read More

Just like to share some pictures my husband Rolf took of some Asanas, which were part of my routine while we were traveling the North. There were plenty of occasions during 3,500 miles on the road and the many miles of walking through towns like Salt Lake City, Moscow (Idaho), Seattle or San Francisco. Looking forward to see you all back this week. Namaste, RoxAnn