A Taste of Burgundy and Lyon

Sorry the trip is sold out!


Not visiting France since 2013, I thought it’s about time to go back and explore another great region of this country – Burgundy. Four departments create this region, Yonne, with its capital Auxerre, a rolling agricultural area in the North and closest to Paris. In the west, the Nièvre, with capital Nevers, is a hilly department that includes the highest peak of the Morvan hills (Le Haut Folin, 903 m),  and a large part of the Morvan regional nature park. The Côte-d’Or department, around Dijon, is hilly in the north-west, and flat in the south-east; its wines are world-famous and truly expensive, but much more affordable at their origin. Finally the department of Saône & Loire  in the south of the region stretches from the banks of the Loire in the west to the foothills of the Jura in the east, and includes large flat expanses of the Saône valley. The historic and modern capital of the Burgundy region is Dijon (population 150,000), a thriving administrative and cultural center, which is also a major communications and freight-distribution hub. One can’t really describe how good it feels to travel through this region, enjoy the fantastic food and a myriad of cultural and historical sites, often not only to be found in the larger towns, but also in small, precious and beautifully romantic villages. And – Who wants more than that, can join me also for a trip to Lyon before.



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