MUSIKFEST Bethlehem 2022

It’s almost a year, that we’ve moved to Bethlehem and it was our first Musikfest experience. The event welcomed more than 1.24 million people, setting a record attendance during the 10 days it lasted. On more then 20 stages in- and outdoor, more than 450 performances from a variety of music genres were offered and created a quite unique atmosphere, which we had not experienced before. This year, the nation’s largest free festival drew attendees from 39 states, Washington, DC, and eight countries. Food trucks, plenty of “Water Holes”, art and craft stands, activities for kids added to the quality. ‘Festers’ got their mugs filled and listened and watched from Noon to Midnight. All the good things were marred by an isolated shooting late evening of the second last day, that left one person injured. Unfortunately this kind of tragedy seems to become more and more to be expected in our country. Nevertheless we truly enjoyed, what we experienced and look forward to the 40th anniversary of Musikfest next year. Below you find some visual impressions, we like to share with you.

Namaste, RoxAnn and Rolf

2 Comments on “MUSIKFEST Bethlehem 2022

  1. Hi RoxAnn,

    Love all the pictures (please tell Rolf) – and thank you for sharing what seemed to be a wonderful week !!!



  2. What a TERRIFIC event.  I’m jealous over here!  I certainly love those events as they are quite inspiring and spark some ideas for creativity for potential arts and music projects.  So glad you guys had a great time and are immersed into your new community.  Namaste………..  Stevie P.



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