7 Comments on “FALL(ing) in LOVE

  1. RoxAnn, I grew up in New Jersey and New York. One of the things I miss most about the East Coast (and I don’t miss much!) is the lovely fall color. The photos brought back so many memories of crisp fall days in my childhood. Almost like being there. Thanks for sharing!




  2. Good morning,
    Such beautiful pictures to wake up to! I was hoping Rolf would send us some soon but I know it takes time to set up shop, lol!
    What a beautiful place you live in! Have fun for you to have the four seasons back in your lives! With nature comes harmony! Enjoy!
    Namaste, 🌌🕉️🌠☯️🫂☮️🧘
    Hearts, hugs and foo foo kisses!
    ~Lori 💜💜💜


  3. | | | |

    | | | Can’t get enough of autumn photos.  My favorite time of the year!   Namaste.  

    Steve Petit   |

    | | | |


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