Just like to post a few pictures, which document how money, some of you were able and so kind to give for people we support in Bwindi/ Uganda is put to work. Uganda is living in lock-down as well, means work opportunities are next to none and especially people like Simon (blue Shirt) who work in the tourism business, which is currently non-existing and have no own plot of land, are hard hit. He overcame his pride and contacted us, carefully asking if we could somehow help in a way and promise to use any support not only for himself, but share as well. We are very grateful, that we were, despite our special circumstances here, able to help and even more so, as we got your support in our endeavor.

Once again – Thank you very much for that!

Namaste, RoxAnn and Rolf

One Comment on “Gratitude

  1. These African people depicted in the photos seem so humble and have boundless gratitude…………


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