Dear All,

You may have seen news reports about federal and state authorities planning for the reopening of businesses in different phases and based on, how essential they are.  So far no concrete date has been communicated to us, when this will be the case for Help Your Health. Naturally we’re looking forward to reopening the yoga studio as soon as it is safe for all to do so. Rolf and I are dedicated  and are working on creating an ambience, safe and welcoming and where you can feel comfortable and enjoy your yoga. In the meantime, we wish that my offer for interactive Yoga Classes via ZOOM is an enjoyable alternative for you.

Thank you for your support and loyalty.

Namaste, RoxAnn

4 Comments on “STATUS QUO

  1. Thank you, RoxAnn.  Yes it is very enjoyable.  No traffic snarls before class.  That is a big plus for me. Kathy Bolton


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