How fit are you?

We all do have a perception of our own fitness level – and then, there is the reality. Most of us have thought or occasionally talked about our athletic achievements of the past, when we were of young age. Sometimes these good memories become so vivid, that they might paint our picture of the current state of affairs a bit too rose and let us think “I can still do that”.

But – Years of non physical work, comfort (junk) food, TV binging to watch movies or sport and a range of other individually different, yet actually bad habits, take their toll and eventually find their expression in the way how we feel, look and can take action, if we are challenged to really do so.

This is not something, what is limited to the mature part of the population, it’s true at any age.

That’s why I find this article of the Mayo Clinic very helpful and worthy to be shared. So, if you like to face reality, start with the simple assessment described in the article and take it from there.



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