Time For Soup

Cooler Temperatures – Time for Soup.

Some days ago my partner Rolf surprised me with this creation:

To organic baby carrots (2 pounds), he added three sweet white onions and 4 midsize golden Yukon potatoes, cut them in small pieces and heated them with some unsalted butter ( 50gr) in a casserole, lid closed, at high heat, occasionally stirring them to avoid burning. When the butter was melted and the onions started sweating (releasing juice) he added three full tablespoons of organic roasted chicken broth paste (Brand: Better Than Bouillon). Mixed it thoroughly with the veggies at a slightly lower heat and than added about 1/2 gallon boiling water to it. Reduced the heat again a little bit and continued cooking the ingredients for about 8-10 Min until all the veggies appeared soft.

After turning the heat off, he used a blender to puree all the ingredients until the soup had a nice velvety appearance and consistency. Now a tablespoon of Turmeric and the juice of 5 mid-size tangerines was added and carefully blended in with a table spoon. The final touch for the soup was adding some saffron to it.

Parallel he peeled and sliced 1/2 of a pineapple in about 1/4 x 3/4 inch sized pieces, cut three celery sticks and fried these together until getting lightly browned in a pan. He added pumpkin- and sunflower seeds and dried cranberries and mixed them all well together. ( to give it a little kick, you can add a bit Cayenne pepper to it)

After the soup had cooled down to about 105 degrees, the pineapple seed mix was placed in the dish and the soup carefully poured over it.

It was truly a delight with an abundance of aromas and worth to share the recipe.

Bon appetite!

Namaste, RoxAnn



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