Like Liquid Sunshine

I’m always happy, if my students bring me veggies and fruits, fresh harvested from their gardens and it is a delightful pleasure for me and my partner Rolf to eat them. And – since  I’ve read “Life Changing Foods” by Medical Medium Anthony William, I appreciate the massive amounts of benefits they provide even more. It’s so fascinating, when William describes not only what disease / or illness symptoms might be tackled, but also which emotional support and spiritual lesson a fruit or veggie can provide. Never would I have guessed or thought about it. Here a quote: The juice of an orange or tangerine is like liquid sunshine. If you often feel sad, weepy, glum, or down, they cut through the gloom and shine a light on your life… they take out the chill and fill you with warmth instead.

He does not agree, with the outrage about citrus allergies. Quite the opposite: Their richness in glutathione, flavonoids, and limonoids fight off viruses, protect the body from radiation damage, and deactivate toxic heavy metals in the system… it’s time to reconnect to that period when we appreciated oranges’ and tangerines’ true value.

So, go and grab a tangerine or orange and enjoy some liquid sunshine.



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