Healthy and Delicious

Any yogini, who is looking at yoga not merely as an exercise program but rather as a lifestyle, will agree that what you eat and drink truly matters. My partner Rolf is the one, who takes care of that in our home and today I like to share two dishes, he recently served to my delight.

As he enjoys reading French restaurant menus and their elaborate description of the offered treats, he also came up with names for his creations:

For the photo above: Three shrimps getting sunburned on a green veggie island in the middle of an orange, carrots and sweet potatoes infused ocean. For the image below: Symphony of Atlantic Seaweeds and a selection of organic salad varieties, enriched with Wild Herring Filets, marinated in a white wine vinaigrette and joined by a decent number of organic  Edamame.

If anybody is interested in details of his recipes, just drop him an email at  I’m sure he’ll share his kitchen secrets with you.




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