What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy involves a variety of practices that can help ease a natural process or improve a health condition.

While regular yoga, depending on the type, can be fast-paced and physically demanding, yoga therapy serves as a safe, gentler alternative. It is led by yoga teachers, who are specially trained to work with patients suffering from various health conditions.

Yoga therapy takes a more holistic approach to healing, focusing on patients as a whole instead of just on their conditions.

Individuals may suffer from multiple conditions at once, so yoga therapy can be a multi-purpose form of healing.

Yoga therapy is still considered to be a new professional field. However, it is now recognized worldwide as a clinically viable treatment.

Clinical research is partly responsible for the growing acceptance of yoga therapy in the health care sector.

When combined with other types of health care, whether alternative or conventional, yoga therapy has proven to be particularly effective, especially in healing chronic ailments.

It will still take more time for the practitioners and patients to fully accept yoga therapy as a primary approach to their medical treatment.

The growing body of scientific research documenting its health benefits is great evidence that yoga therapy is here to stay.

Click here to read the complete article published in the Huffington Post.


For the last 12 years, the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), which has currently over 3,800 individual members from 50 countries, has worked hard to establish yoga as an esteemed and recognized therapy in the West.

Only Yoga Therapists, who document the relevant education and graduation from a multi-year program at an institution, accredited by the IAYT are certified as  C-IAYT by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.




One Comment on “What is Yoga Therapy?

  1. Hi, RoxAnn: Thanks for this excellent explanation of yoga therapy. I’ve tried to explain it to my friends and this is very helpful information.

    As you can guess, I’m totally frustrated that I’m missing so many yoga sessions with you. My remodel project has totally taken over my life! My time is no longer my own to manage what with so many different subcontractors coming and going at various times throughout the week. Just when I think I’ll have a window of time to join you, something urgent pops up requiring my presence.

    Also, my stress level has skyrocketed due to the major disruptions to my routine not to mention having most of my home packed up and stored in a off site POD container. Obviously, I didn’t fully anticipate just how disruptive this project was going to be. I feel like I’ve been on a perpetual camping trip for the last five weeks, thanks to the loss of my kitchen and bathroom! lol My current mantra is “It will all be worth it in the end.” 🙂

    Anyway, enough of my griping to you. Hope all is going well for you, your family and your classes.

    Hoping to rejoin you as soon as possible,

    Mary Jo


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