The Digital Face of Addiction

I like to share an interesting article with you, which gives an insight into the impact of digital media on children.

Please share it with anybody, who you think might or should be interested.



2 Comments on “The Digital Face of Addiction

  1. Thank you RoxAnn for that article! It was very interesting as well as very informative. I forwarded to my kids & my 4 sisters kids & can only hope they “get it”!!

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  2. Roxanne, this is horrifying and wonderful that you sent it. Thank you so much!

    Since I actually got it and didn’t get the one you referred to @ class yesterday, I am hopeful that now that my computer is “well” that I will get future things you send. (:

    I am not very sore today, but it is obvious I stretched well. Thanks for how you help us. See ya Tues. Mary >


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