High Desert Weekend in Joshua Tree

The Memorial Day weekend I spent at the famous Joshua Tree Retreat Center, organizing with my partner Rolf a yoga therapy retreat for twenty participants. We had a lot of fun and we like to thank all our guests for their trust and their involvement to turn this event into a great experience for everybody. Next year we’ll return for the third time , so please stay tuned, if you’re interested to join again or participate for the first time. Space is limited to 20 guests.



©RolfGoellnitz_RoxAnnYogaRetreatatJTRC2016_CactusBlossom_IMG_4702 ©RolfGoellnitz_JTRC2016_IMG_4734 ©RolfGoellnitz_DingLeMeiHouse2016_IMG_4730 ©RolfGoellnitz_JTRC_2016_IMG_4737 ©RolfGoellnitz_JTRC2016_IMG_4753 ©RolfGoellnitz_JTRC2016_bench_IMG_4758

2 Comments on “High Desert Weekend in Joshua Tree

  1. It was a wonderful relaxing weekend! Yoga and friends – some old, some new. No outside distractions help to make for a memorable time.


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