Yoga Fun at the Beach

It’s definitely a privilege to live and work, where other people come to and spend a vacation. A ten minute ride from my home, I love to visit Sunset Beach, dig my feet into the sand, listen to the waves and include an asana here and there, especially, if requested by my partner Rolf, who takes photos and is in charge of my website and social media activities.

Next time you go to a beach, try it yourself… it feels so good!


One Comment on “Yoga Fun at the Beach

  1. Great photo of you, RoxAnn, I, for one, am so happy that I found you as a Yoga Instructor! You have made a difference in my life and I am so grateful. Your wonderful partner, Rolf, is just the BEST!! I love yoga in your studio because it is so quite and blissful!! I think of nothing but yoga when I am in your classes. Thank you and Rolf so much for becoming an integral part of my life!!! Love you both, Lee Gillespie


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