Help Your Health – With a Healthy Breakfast

Do these dishes not look delicious? Almost every morning I get served  a creative variation of a 10 grains muesli and diverse fruits prepared by my husband Rolf. This is a visual pleasure and essential treat, rich in nutrition and perfect for an energized and successful start in the day. Maybe you get inspired and prepare one during the holiday weekend yourself.



3 Comments on “Help Your Health – With a Healthy Breakfast

  1. Hi Roxanne, Thank-you for your I structuring, your wisdom, and for sharing your experiences. I really, truly love and appreciate you and your classes!!!!

    Love, Debbie E

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  2. Roxanne, Is Rolf available for hire? Your breakfasts look delicious. I’m missing class so much, hoping mental movement will be making me strong for June 1st hip surgery. Hugs, Dixie


    • RoxAnn thanks for sharing the tempting nutricious breakfasts served by Rolf. I have missed attending classes but am cleared by the Dr. to return next week. I hope to try one or two of the above choices and looking forward to seeing you soon.


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