Text and Tilt

Dear All,

as promised during my classes here I like to share some information about the consequences of our compulsive use of technical devises in unhealthy positions.

If you are a visual learner, this video may be just for you and if you would prefer to read, this article is also informative. Both explaining the bodies reaction to our compulsive use of devices in unhealthy positions, which is reversible and doesn’t have to continue, if interested and willing to learn the healthy alternative positions.

Is it a problem?  Yes, although it has been around for some time and not caused by texting and modern devises but just from lack of awareness of proper posture. We have been calling it ‘Forward Head Syndrome” and it has been mostly effecting an older population but now it is a cause of concern for our children, starting at a very young age. What is the youngest age child you have seen, viewing a mobile device?  Were their ears over their shoulders?

The article includes some exercises which may be familiar to yoga students, just identified differently.

Interesting how it always seems to come back to ‘posture’ and ‘the breathe’.



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