Modyfied Asana – “Sliding Lunge on Sofa/Bed – Passive/Yin Version.”

This serves as a reminder and visual for clarification on what we have been discussing during the first week of Spring Session.
There are two possibilities for the ‘sliding lunge’; it is usually best to begin with the bed since it is higher than the sofa and to gradually increase the stretch using the sofa which is usually much lower, from there you can either remove the sofa pillows or use a lower stable piece of furniture, to increase the stretch when necessary.
You can use a pillow under the pelvic floor to hold the upper body at a specific height (see photo).
If you have any lower back issues you may want to bend forward with the upper body as the leg slides back, if not it becomes a partial back bend as your upper body remains upright during the stretch.
My suggestion to most students would be to relax as fully as possible for a series of multiple breaths or minutes in the full passive version of laying forward. Please do both sides and don’t expect the same for each, we are not always created symmetrical.
Of course, ‘pain is not gain’!

Listen to your body, taking it very slow until you are familiar with this lunge version and then finally enjoy ‘being’ and not ‘doing’ as you relax.






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