Spring Yoga Therapy Workshops

Dear All,

here now as promised details for my upcoming yoga therapy workshops!

Workshops will be held at: The Founders Center 17967 Bushard St., FOUNTAIN VALLEY
All workshops are limited to 25 participants, no previous yoga experience required.

Registration through the City of FV.
On-Line registration begins Wednesday Feb. 25th at 1pm
Walk-In/Fax/Mail registration begins Saturday Feb. 28th.

A Walk Through The Body
During the workshop we will not just imagine and talk ‘How to walk through the body’, but actually do it, experiencing the relevant yoga therapy asanas and breathing techniques. In fact you will leave with a different knowledge and insight into this mind and body restoring trip.

Code 466010-A1    Saturday, May 9th, 2015      2:00-5:00pm         Fee: $55.

Every Day Yoga 108 Ways 

What about doing something beneficial for the body when you are brushing your teeth, waiting in the grocery line with your cart? Sitting in your car, an airplane, a train? There are innumerable single moments, we can utilize for good. Let’s explore together what to do with 108 of these moments.

Code 466011-A1    Saturday, May 30th, 2015      2:00-5:00pm         Fee: $55.



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